Who are Relate?

Relate Bradford & Leeds is a small, passionate and ambitious specialist relationship charity, providing a range of therapeutic counselling services, supporting young people, families, individuals and couples since 1948.

We provide people with the breathing space where they can feel heard, valued, respected, understood and more in control of their feelings and of their lives. In other words, to help people cope with the pain they are experiencing.

relate bradford family and young people's counselling services

Our Vision

At Relate Bradford & Leeds, we aim to develop and support healthy relationships.  We deliver inclusive, high-quality counselling services that are relevant at every life stage, helping heterosexual and same-sex couples, families and individuals to make relationships work better, by improving their understanding of relationships and what makes them flourish.

Counselling services

Relationship Counselling

Family And Young People’s Counselling​

Sex Therapy

Couple Therapy for Depression

Reaching With Relate

Organisational ‘relationship based’ training

Counselling in schools