How can you help...

There are many ways that you can help us, to help others. Any help however small would allow us to reach more people and help them with their relationships. Ways you can help include volunteering, Donating or Fundraising.

Why we need your help

As we are a charity, we are always on the lookout for help, be it volunteers, fundraisers or donations. As a charity, we do have the ability to offer some fully funded sessions, but the number of these we can offer depends on the money we have available.

Some of this is provided by Bradford council, some comes from charitable donations and some has to come from clients. Any help , be it volunteering, donating or fundraising goes a long way and helps us to reach as many people as possible.


As as charity, we are always looking for volunteers to help us out. Be it a couple of hours in your spare time, or as part of a work placement. Whether you are looking for general admin tasks or something more specialised, roles include:

  • Covering reception
  • Office admin
  • Marketing and communications
  • Social media 
  • IT & website support
Relate Stand at the Health Care Careers Fare Bradford
Relate Donation Page


While we try to offer a free service to all who need it, sometimes we are unable to do that. Generous donations from individuals, companies and charitable funds help us to reach lots more people and offer our services to everyone. We have a Wonderful page where you can donate as much as you want, knowing it will go straight back into the services we provide for the community. 


Another great way to help us is by fundraising.  If you’d like to run, swim, bake or do anything else to raise money) then we would greatly appreciate any money made. Even small amounts can go a long way towards helping us to help more people. 

Currently we are doing a fundraiser called “Let’s move mountains.” Some of our staff members will be doing the three peaks to try and raise money for our services. Any donations or sponsors would be greatly appreciated. You can find out more at Let’s move mountains and from our Blog

The team at Saltaire Dragon Boat Festival
Mum, Dad and Child sat together

How your help, helps others

The many different ways you help us, help others in many different ways too. Be by improving our service for clients by volunteering in the offices. Or by allowing us to fully fund more sessions to help those who really need it.

Volunteering, fundraising or donating all help us to create the best service possible for the community and ensures we can continue to offer our services out to all those people in need in the Bradford area.

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