Many of you will have read over the last couple of years, the blogs that Becky has been writing and have been posted here for you to read. We are delighted and very proud, to share that our Becky has now written a book!

Please see a few words from Becky, as an introduction to her book, ‘A Survival Guide for Women Who Feel Stuck In Their Marriage, Should I stay or Leave?

My name is Rebecca and I work as a Relationship Therapist for Relate Bradford and Leeds. 

After seeing a recurring pattern in the therapy room of many women feeling lost and confused in their marriage / relationship, I decided to put my knowledge on this subject into a short book/ guide. 

This is also a journey I have walked myself and I think, to have a real passion for something, you need to fully understand it from the clients / readers perspective! 

My book helps the reader to strip back all the layers and breakdown some of the biggest challenges women will face in their relationships, and how our early environment will also play a huge factor in the partners we are attracted to and why they will later become a significant source of conflict. 

As women reach their late 30’s to 40’s, they will often go through an awakening process where they start to value themselves more and look at life very differently. 

This can often feel very confusing and scary at times, and therefore, I felt it was important to reach out with the lessons I have learned on my journey to help other women feel heard, validated, and completely supported. 


Becky, Counsellor

Relate Bradford & Leeds

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