For international women’s day, I would like to celebrate and dedicate this blog to all the amazing women who work at Leeds/Bradford Relate. 

Never in my working career have I feel so accepted, supported, and happy to be around my work colleagues. 

As an introvert, I value the solitude of my job as a counsellor, however, covid has taught so many of us, that our mental health thrives when we have good, solid connections. 

It can be so hard in today’s society to find kind, genuine, and authentic people to be around, especially when social media has the whole world competing against each other, just to be seen as successful. However, nothing is as vital and important for our mental health, such as a great job and safe place to work! 

Relate Leeds/Bradford has a mixture of women of all different ages, race, and religious backgrounds, and we all take the time to listen and learn from each other with a mutual respect of the highest degree. 

Although we have all walked different paths, we are all equally connected to reaching out and supporting others in need, and at Relate Leeds/Bradford, we walk this journey together. 


Counsellor, Relate Bradford & Leeds

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