All human beings come into this world a blank slate, and throughout our early years, we are heavily conditioned with internal beliefs from the people around us (often just passed down to us from the generations before). 

This leads us to live a life not knowing who we truly are, sometimes too afraid to step into the unknown and reaching our full potential. 

Therapy is, therefore, essential for everyone to undertake at some point throughout their life, as it’s not only vital for our personal growth and emotional maturity, but it also helps us to strip back all the layers and gain a strong understanding as to why we behave in certain ways or react badly to certain situations. 

Therapy not only helps us to grow in self-awareness, but it can also help us to assert boundaries in our relationships and communicate our needs in healthier ways. 

Therapy also highlights where we lack confidence in certain areas, or where we under value ourselves in a bid to seek approval from others. 

True happiness can only ever come from being comfortable in our own skin and this can only be achieved by learning to take off the mask to reveal our true identity! 

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