At some point throughout our lives, we will all suffer with our mental health. 

At the root of all of our mental health concerns, is always the feeling of not being good enough

In short – everything comes down to how we feel about ourselves or how we feel we come across to other people. 

We often look outside of ourselves and blame others for hurting us (in some way) however, the only way we will ever heal this core wound and improve our mental health in the process is to ALWAYS LOOK WITHIN.

If our happiness is dependent on other people, then we are always at the mercy of something we cannot control.

We have belief systems and programming from the past that has shaped who we have become, however, this can always be reprogrammed and does not define our future self. 

Looking within is not an easy process by any measure of doubt, and there will often be a lot of uncomfortable feelings rising to the surface (guilt, shame, fear). However, if we can learn to sit with the feelings, instead of pushing them away or numbing them with addictions (alcohol, drugs, over eating etc) then they will eventually start to dissolve. 

Shame cannot survive when spoken about 

This is why talking therapy at Relate Bradford & Leeds, is often very useful for most people, because it helps our minds to process events and can often take the feeling of intensity away (when we keep feelings and emotions locked inside, this can cause our minds to heighten situations and make them feel worse).

As human beings, we attach strong meanings to things that happen to us throughout our life time, and then we berate ourselves and think there is something wrong with us. 

Working as a Relationship Counsellor at Relate in Bradford, I often help my clients to process traumatic events from the past (or present) and help them to see things from a different perspective. 

Relationship counselling is also very useful because it helps you to look within at your own self-worth and how changing how we respond to other people can massively change your life! 

We often think if someone else was to change, it would make us feel better, but the people in our lives are simply reflecting back to us a belief pattern that we hold about ourselves and therefore, our mental health is always an internal journey. 

Becky, Counsellor
Relate Bradford & Leeds

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