Wow, how has ten years passed already!  

It seems like yesterday my son (now going into year 6) was starting reception. 

It feels so bittersweet. 

On one hand, I enjoy the freedom (as my son is more independent now)….. but on the other hand – it’s made me realise…..

We (as human beings) are a child for such a small portion of our lives and in a blink of an eye…childhood…is over! 

We spend the majority of our lives as adults and as we approach our mid to late twenties, so many of us just tend to follow similar traditions passed down from the generations before us…i.e. house, engagement, marriage, babies.

So many of us conditioned to believe that this is what life is all about. 

The problem is, as we mature, gain some life experience and self-awareness, we hit a certain age, maybe in our 30’s,40’s,50’s even…..

And we still feel so young and unfulfilled! 

So what’s next? 

We can hit all these milestones, but still be yearning for more.  

Many parents can struggle with empty nest syndrome because without their children around, they feel they have lost their identity. 

As human beings, we need to constantly be growing (internally), expanding, creating. 

If we’re not, we become bored and unsatisfied in life. 

One milestone however,  that I feel should be celebrated and not feared is regaining our freedom as parents (as our children become more independent) and going on a path of self-discovery!  

Finally putting ourselves first and our own mental health as top priority! 

This could be anything from going back to college or university, joining a cooking class or a choir. 

Or even just making it a priority to meet a friend for a walk once a week or joining a gym. 

Clients often ask me 

‘How do I even begin to discover who I am and what I really want from life?’ 

And I always give them the same answer 

‘What makes you feel energised, excited?’ 

This can be anything…exercise, music, animals? 

If you can start by following this path, the doors will magically begin to open for you. 

Our purpose in life doesn’t have to be a paid profession.

I found my passion, simply because I loved deep conversations with people. 

We must face facts, times are changing, generations are changing. As humans, we tend to live longer now. 

Just because the kids are grown up, it doesn’t mean that life ends…if you can adjust your mindset, you will see…that it’s simply just beginning. 

Becky, Counsellor, Relate Bradford & Leeds

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