Mental Health Awareness Week 2022

Young people are often full of excitement, they have all the energy in the world to conquer it. Although this is when all the emotions they feel are at the highest, positive as well as negative ones. They have all these big emotions that they might not know to channel and it can get overwhelming for them, their ideas may not get the direction they need, their decisions or choices may be frowned upon by the adults. This makes the young people feel as if there is nobody who understands them and they may feel extremely lonely, thinking that they can’t share their views with anyone because no one will understand them.

Relate provides counselling to people in these crucial years, as these are the building years of a person’s life and if one is able to manage their emotions in this age, the world starts to be a better place for them and they are ready to enter adulthood as healthy individuals.

Kanza, Counsellor

Relate Bradford & Leeds

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