Last year when the pandemic hit I was worried about the opportunities that would be out there for students like me. I found myself with a lot of free time with nothing to do. So I went out in search of some experience that I could add to my skill set.  

Amongst all the chaos of our ‘new normal’ I applied for a summer internship at Relate Bradford. It was safe to say this was a new experience for both Relate Bradford and I, as we were all adjusting to our new workplaces at home. I started my internship during the lockdown period and worked from home on tasks set to me by the CEO and my supervisor. I also had the chance to work on projects I was interested in so I was very involved. I worked on administrative responsibilities and even produced a new volunteer handbook amongst other tasks. As I began working at Relate I learnt so much about mental health, working relationships and just my colleagues in general. I was proud to be a part of a charity that was set on driving real change and helping people to become happier individuals in society. 

Although I was an intern I always felt like a valued member of the team, and was able to become an asset to Relate Bradford by helping them with the knowledge I already had but also learning from everyone around me. I was able to excel at Relate Bradford because of the support and encouragement from everyone. In fact I did so well that I was asked to stay on as a volunteer. Which I gladly accepted. It was a pleasure working at Relate Bradford, going forward I cant wait to see what will happen next.  


Human Resources Management (HRM) at the University of Bradford

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