• Acknowledge being overwhelmed – know that it will pass, that it is temporary, and that it does not define you. It is not permanent. Try to objectify the situation. 
  • Compartmentalise your mental load; do you need to attend that meeting, read that email, do that research? What is enough? 
  • Remind yourself  that mistakes and setbacks are part of living. People survive them and so will you. 
  • Put your energies where you have most impact; get to know the difference between what you can and what you can’t change. 
  • Choose your response. Cognitively, deliberately, knowingly, adjust your response from despair. 
  • Take small steps towards change. 
  • Whatever it is, GIVE IT A GO! 
  • Take detachment breaks from your circumstances.  Move away from them by reading, watching something, exercising, talking about something else with someone. It will be less stuck when you look again. 
  • Show yourself compassion. 
  • Keep that positive image of your future; research shows that those people who keep a healthy visualization are more successful. 


Clinical Supervisor, Relate Bradford

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