It’s Relationship Week and despite being a chatterbox and a therapist I’m going to tell you that sometimes talking isn’t enough – and sometimes it’s even too much!  One of the things that lockdown and continued social distancing has shown us is how important touch is, that human beings need more than words, that there’s things that Zoom can’t provide.

How can you connect with your loved ones physically today? Sometimes things come easily like hugging and sex…and sometimes they don’t. But there are other ways, even across physical distance, that we can communicate and bond in shared bodily experience. A teenager that may not want a parental cuddle may be up for a dance-off in the living room together, or a game of frisbee in a park.  A far away relative may be able to share a yoga video online together so you can breathe in sync, or cook the same meal together. A friend you go on a socially distanced walk with can still touch the bark of a beech tree together, or dip hands in a river. A partner exhausted from work may want a silent foot massage more than to talk it through.

Touch boosts the immune system, lowers stress and strengthens our attachment to each other: Let’s Get Physical! 



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